North Pike High School Library


Students visiting the library should have a pass from the teacher. 

Library Etiquette

Students should act in a manner that is respectful to other patrons and this is in concordance with school policies. 

  •  Food and drinks are not allowed in the library. 
  • Speak quietly. 
  • Computers are to be used for school purposes. 
  • Keep your library clean. 
  • Please handle library materials properly to avoid a fine or discipline referral. 


Student IDs are required to check out books!! Please have your ID with you! 


Your books will be checked out to you for 14 days. (Fines of  $.05 per day will be accessed after 14 days. )

Note: Some reference books may be checked out for three days. Please see the librarian if you have questions.


Computer Use

Computers are for educational use.  The following are not permitted:


-message boards

- social websites

Please do not tamper with the computer settings or backgrounds.



Overdue/ Lost Books

If patrons lose or damage library items, they will be fined the price of the item.

Note:  Any student who has an overdue item at report card mark will be placed on the Fees Owed List. 

Students will remain on Fees Owed list until the book is returned or fine is paid.  Seniors may not graduate if they have overdue items or fines in the library


Librarian: Julie Robison


Schedule: 1- 8:25-9:15

                 B/H- 9:15-9:31

                 2- 9:35-11:15

                 3- 11:19- 1:32

                 4- 1:36- 3:16

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