North Pike High School Library

North Pike High School

North Pike High School is located at 1022 Jaguar Trail in Summit, Mississippi.  We are a 5A school who takes great pride in academic excellence.  We have wonderful and faithful community and parental support. 

The North Pike library encourages reading through participation in our local reading club, our Frequent Reader program, and our monthly book themes. 

We hope you come to visit us soon. 

"In the case of good books, the point is not how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you."

                                                                   Mortimer Adler 


GOALS 2018-2019


A. Short term: (completed within one-year)

1. Collaborate with departmental PLCs to purchase new standards-based materials to enhance their instruction and to encourage use of the library for research.  Goal: Meet with each department once each nine weeks. (Ongoing from 2017-2018)

2. Promote and advertise library materials to faculty and student body through website, announcements, emails, and bulletin board posts (Ongoing)

3. Update 500-600 collection to meet STEM standards and update collection age (Ongoing)


B. Long-term: (completed within five years)

1. Apply for grants for additional funding  

2.  Purchase new E-books that support content standards and college and career readiness.

3. Update Career section to include STEM careers. 

Librarian: Julie Robison


Schedule: 1- 8:25-9:15

                 B/H- 9:15-9:31

                 2- 9:35-11:15

                 3- 11:19- 1:32

                 4- 1:36- 3:16

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